Viral Marketing is Like Everything Else

by Barry Smith
(Newtown, PA)

It is interesting to read about some of these viral marketing failures and I have seen other examples of sales and marketing ideas that were totally out to lunch. I guess viral marketing is just like any other endeavor where a few people achieve success by applying the right principles, a few get lucky and the rest of us achieve only mediocre success or outright failure. So many companies today want to make a big "splash" and often spend millions of dollars on the most ill-conceived of marketing ideas that even a kid could point out were inappropriate or in bad taste or whatever. In any case, I appreciate the great content and please keep it up!

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May 30, 2011
Thank You
by: Hussain

Thanks for the great post, Barry!

I like to think of Internet viral marketing as being aking to becoming famous; whereas a lot of people think that success really can and does happen "overnight", the vast majority of major film stars, for example, spent years and years with small parts here and there before making it big. The same goes with sales and marketing in that you need to consistently put out quality information and a creative, engaging message and not hope for a big "bang" that will suddenly propel you to huge success.

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