What is Guerilla Marketing?

What is Guerilla Marketing? The answer to this question is the means by which you can create tremendous sales and marketing results by using creativity instead of large amounts money. I quote the words of the founder of Guerilla Marketing Jay Conrad Levinson:

"The soul and essence of guerrilla marketing remain as always - achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money.”

In these articles I explore what is Guerilla Marketing as well as provide Guerilla Marketing Ideas and Guerilla Marketing Strategies. This introduction describes the concepts that power the equation of Guerilla Marketing, namely being bold, creative, unexpected and engaging.

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What Is Guerilla Marketing All About?

After studying the key concepts behind the art and science of Guerilla Marketing I have come up with what I believe are the fundamentals that you can being applying to your sales and marketing efforts right away. I am a firm believer of doing more with less and that you do not need a huge marketing budget in order to make an impact with your product, service or idea.

What Is Guerilla Marketing?

Here without further ado are the keys to how you can begin to utilize guerilla marketing strategies for yourself. You can apply these principles to give yourself the advantage of smart sales and marketing without resorting to the loud, tacky and even obnoxious marketing that inundates today's consumers. Remember to follow up by reading my related articles on guerilla marketing ideas and strategies after answering the question of what is guerilla marketing.

1. Be Bold
(if not Outrageous!)

The first concept to take home with you is the idea of standing out from amongst the crowd of messages that your customers are faced with. Experts estimate that the average person in the US is exposed to over 1,500 advertising messages a day. The question becomes how to differentiate your message itself and how it is delivered.

In answering the question of what is guerilla marketing and how you can apply this to your own sales and marketing efforts, remember that being bold does not mean being intrusive. There is a fine line between being passionate versus pushy and being noticeable versus annoying. Guerilla marketing does not mean disrupting people's lives, only their thought process.

2. Be Creative

The second rule in what is guerilla marketing is to understand the power of creativity. Creativity trumps money. Creativity trumps a huge marketing department. Creativity is what allows the small guy to win over the big guy again and again. Being creative is key to understanding what is guerilla marketing and how you can do more with less.

Marketing consists of message and medium. Where you apply your creativity is figuring out how to leave a lasting impression in the mind of your customers both with what you say and how you deliver you message. Emphasize the defining characteristic of your product or service and then find an approach to communicate it in the most appealing way.

3. Be Unexpected

Considering that the average consumer is inundated with 1000s of sales and marketing messages on a daily basis it is not surprising that most people ignore the vast majority of advertising directed at them. As such it is vital that your sales and marketing efforts include an element of the unexpected by being innovative, unique, new and fresh in how you present your message.

What Is Guerilla Marketing example

Above is a great example of what is guerilla marketing in the form of street advertising by Saatchi & Saatchi to promote Folgers coffee. Taking a normal part of New York City life – steam from manholr covers – and turning into an eye-catching, head-turning piece of advertising epitomizes what guerilla marketing is all about.

The best part is that you don't have to spend 1000s of dollars if you have a good idea. What is important is delivering your message in a unique and interesting way that is outside the context that consumers are used to seeing such messages. You can achieve a similar effect to this street ad with your own branded toys, gimmicks and other forms of messaging.

4. Be Engaging

Interactive marketing is about creating opportunities for customers to be part of the sales and marketing process through feedback, evaluation and other methods that require customer input. Being engaging in guerilla marketing includes this kind of interactivity as well as other methods to hold their attention and allow them to absorb your message.

A branded ballpoint pen or stationery may serve the purpose of being engaging as well as useful to your customer in a day-to-day fashion. A cool branded executive toy or gizmo exposes customers to your brand when they play with it. Funny fridge magnets, sticky notes, calendars and such can provide thoughtful messaging that becomes part of a customer's daily experience as well.

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Become a Guerrilla Marketing ExpertGuerilla Marketing IdeasGuerilla Marketing Strategies101 Marketing Strategies: Guerrilla MarketingFree Marketing IdeasGuerilla Marketing Consultant

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